I have to say I was a little hesitant at first as I didn’t think this was “my thing” but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.
I learnt that while nobody can tell you what to do but rather you end up knowing what you want to do and your dreams are achievable once you realise what they are. And even if they change as you go along they are always there and you always work on achieving them.
My Dream Map hangs on the wall behind my desk and I often find myself staring at it and planning another stage of my WIG.
Sharon Lotz | Durban

At this point in time I am no closer to retiring, but I have set the ball in motion with regards to certain requirements in my home that need attention.
My husband passed away earlier this year and the grieving and healing process takes time. Living on ones own and making decisions that were once made together, are a big challenge.
I have a list of various things that I will work through. In fact, today I brought the list with me to work and have read through it once!
The final line of my list is: Awareness is the first step to transformation. Shift the Fear!
Despite it being a few months since I was at your workshop, the seed that was planted then, is starting to germinate.
Corinne Guy | Durban