My name is Karen Daniels.
I'm a Certified ILS Life Coach, trained by Colleen-Joy Page
and a
Certified Dream Mapping & Goal Setting Workshop Facilitator, trained by Donna McCallum (AKA The Fairy Godmother).

My initial career choice was to be a Vet. Unfortunately I didn't have the right subjects to enter University.

I wrote and passed an aptitude test to do an Electronic Data Processing Diploma. Not having an idea of what else to do, I did the course and started my career in I.T.

The first years of my career were exciting. I enjoyed the challenge. But after 18 years in I.T. my passion waned.
I changed cities and environments but could not get my passion back.

I did a variety of courses:
Diploma in Day Care Management
Certificate in Creative Writing
Image Consulting
Interior Decorating
all with the view to making a career change.
But I didn't feel ready or confident enough to leave the corporate world.

September 2007 I did my first Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshop. I had an Action Plan to achieve the Life I wanted to Live. But I still wasn't ready to make a change.

2011 I did my ILS Coaching Training.

May 2016 I did my Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Facilitator training.
Finally I felt ready to make a change. I resigned from my job but was still nervous to strike out on my own. My company agreed to a 2-day a week contract.

It may have taken longer than I would have liked, but I'm happy that I am finally living the Life I Dreamed.

My workshops fit perfectly with my Coaching.